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Why do I need Magnetars for my Graduation?

My Magnetars were brilliant, I felt like my hood was always in the right place, I was wearing the clothes I wanted under my gown and now I have them as a keepsake of the day and my achievement at University

One of the most frequently asked questions asked about graduation ceremonies is "what should I wear?"  Usually graduands are advised to wear something with buttons so they can attach the academic hood. Because the hood's so heavy they're often advised to use pins too but this can lead to graduands feeling restricted in what to wear or worrying about damage to their outfit or the hired gown/hood. 

"I'm not wearing a frumpy pencil skirt and blouse"

" I was hoping to wear a pretty dress but I wouldn't want to damage the hood or my dress with safety pins"

"I spent my whole ceremony adjusting my hood, the velcro on the hired gown didn't hold it in place, I wish I had known about Magnetars" 

The Graduation Magnetar is a new and unique solution to this age old problem and one that lets you wear what you want because it will hold the academic hood securely without needing a button for the loop or using damaging pins.

Invented in 2013, the Graduation Magnetar has been tried and tested at universities and ceremonies with complete success. The way it works is simple: Two pairs of super-strong magnets - and we mean super-strong with a pull-weight of 3.1 kg - clip on either side of the hood and gown to hold everything in place. The facing edges also have an interlocking textured finish, a unique design created for the Graduation Magnetar, which holds the fabric in a vice-like grip.

Not only is it an essential item for your graduation day, it's also the ideal memento of your time at university and the Graduation ceremony. Once the day is over you can use them as pin badges, fridge magnets, scarf clips as an everyday reminder of your achievements or store them away as a keepsake to look back on in years to come. 


These 'Before' and 'After' photos demonstrate the 'hood slip' we see on so many graduation days (left) and how our Magnetars keep everything correctly positioned for the whole day (right).  


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