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Our story

The story of Cecile Biot is a long one.

It started many years ago when two 11 year olds, Mary Armitage and Jacqueline Smith, first became friends at St Joseph's College in Bradford.  Over the years Mary and Jacqueline have remained close friends who share an entrepreneurial approach to life.

In 2013 they hit on the innovative idea of the Graduation Magnetar, partly because of the difficulties that Mary had seen her own daughter have with the academic hood at her graduation. After the original "eureka" moment of inventing the Graduation Magnetar, Mary and Jacqueline worked hard to produce and test prototypes with universities and graduands before officially launching Cecile Biot in 2014.

Once the Graduation Magnetars side of the business was set up, Mary and Jacqueline began to work on other applications for the magnetic technology - its unique design was the perfect solution to replace fabric damaging pin badges. So they began to work on bespoke orders for businesses, clubs, galleries, museums and personal orders to develop Magnetar souvenirs, keepsakes and 'badges'.

Mary and Jacqueline are always interested to discuss new opportunities for Graduation Magnetars or Custom Orders so please get in touch.

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