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How to fit your Graduation Magnetars

Follow these simple instructions to fit your Magnetars. Then you can move around as much as you like - 100% confident that the hood won't slip and free to enjoy all the celebrations of your academic achievement!


Step 1

Put on your gown just like an overcoat.

Place the academic hood over the shoulders with the V end of the hood facing the front. The hood should fall naturally at the back revealing its inside and lining colours and sit squarely on your shoulders.



Step 2

Separate each Magnetar pair and place the smaller magnet under your lapel of your gown.


Step 3

Attach the large magnet to the inside fold on the neckband. 

Once the Graduation Magnetar's in place there'll be no need to adjust your hood, it is now securely in place. 

The neckband of the hood should go under your tie if you're wearing one. If you like, you can also fix the hood to the button loop


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